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Anger Management?


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Attempting to out-stare kids of today is like trying to match them at their own game. They are experts at it so I don't bother as it is totally ineffective. You are right though as on one previous occasion when I did try it their cans of larger were poured over my car, mind you they where from Manchester.


It seems to me that you are looking at causing trouble and just as bad as they are. However if you do persist in staring at people then I would suggest that you make sure that your reflexes are sharp and you get your punch in first as you won't get a second chance.

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People watching can be quite enlightening and enjoyable to an observer, but I don't normally "stare" - that's reserved for those who are "staring at me" - and yes, as I can't run very fast these days, and verbal fencing isn't appreciated by Neanderthals, one has to be prepared for any eventuality! :wink:

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