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Builder cuts car in half

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A Gloucestershire man cut his own car in half after it was clamped because two inches of the bumper was protruding from his drive.

Ian Taylor, 40, returned home to find the Ford Fiesta had been impounded by the DVLA for having no road tax, reports The Sun.

It was legally registered to be off the road but a clamper saw a rear wheel sticking out.

The DVLA was demanding ?280 to release it -so Mr Taylor grabbed his disc cutter to hack it in half when the clampers came back to tow away the car.

The builder, from Tredworth, then invited them to take the rear half away as it was the only section that was breaking the law.

Five police cars containing ten officers raced to the scene, along with a six-man fire crew, after clampers told police what was happening. But the police took no action and the disgruntled clampers released the motor and told the dad of three he could keep it.

Mr Taylor had bought the car for just ?50 for his stepson and kept it off the road as it needed repairs.

He said: "I had to make a point. The vehicle was totally legal where it was. These people are petty and won't listen to you. It was a drastic step but I stand by my decision."

A spokesman for clamping firm NCP Services, which was operating on behalf of the DVLA, condemned Ian's actions as "dangerous and highly irresponsible."

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but a damn sight more honourable than they could ever be.


I know there are people with roles in life but I can never understand why someone would want to be a bailiff, car clamper or traffic warden...... deserve everything they get if you ask me :D

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