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Requests for May 23 and 24 show


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I figured you guys wouldn't know who they were but I thought I'd try. They are a girl rock band here. It's pretty good. "Jint" listened to them once. I like em, though. They're pretty sweet. Thanks for trying Gary. The song you played, though was good. Thanks.


My husband wanted to request a song... "The End of Heartache " by: Killswitch Engage


I'm trying to get him to join but he's thinking about it. I'll keep trying

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I figured I'd give you guys a link to go to so you can get a little glimps of who Parmore is. There official site is http://www.paramore.net and for some listening the best link I could come up with is http://www.myspace.com/paramore They are a newer band. I like em. Lemme know what you think of them. My favorite song of there's is CrushCrushCrush. That song is on the listening page.


Check it out :P

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That?s pretty good! just listened to all the demo tracks while posting. 8)


One of my favourite on line listens is www.thearrow.co.uk It?s mainly rock of the older variety with very little in the way of talk and well worth checking out. (sort of rock night without Gary :lol: )


Bill :)

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Missed that part Gary must have been when my computer messed up & I had to restart it. :oops:


Poison - Alice Cooper

White Buffalo - Ted Nugent

Dream On - Aerosmith

Signs - Tesla

Sunshine of Your Love - Cream

Proud Mary - CCR

Fortunate Son - CCR

All of My Love - Led Zepplin

Give Me Three Steps - Lynard Skynard

Dust In The Wind - Scorpions

Please Don't Judas Me - Nazareth

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