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Get a grip -

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With the BBC and the rest of the woke MSM salivating over a Tory wipeout in the local elections, it didn't prove to be the total disaster they were hoping for.   With only an average 30% turnout, it would seem the view of the 70% who didn't vote will be more important to a General Election.   With BoJo's partygate now being balanced by Starmer's beergate;  perhaps we can now move on.  What Boris or his replacement need to do is get a grip -  1)  Leave the ECHR and start deporting the illegals to Rwanda asap.  2) Secure the future unity of the United Kingdom by scrapping the N/I protocol and bringing N/I back into the UK market, and put Krankie on notice that there will be no IndyRef in the near future.     😠

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The other crisis of course is the cost of living, now there's supposed to be 7.5million folk who can't afford to put food on the table and going a day without anything to eat;  pensioners riding around on buses to keep warm etc.  Can't say I know anyone in that state, most folk I know are busy booking their holidays abroad,  Still looking on the bright side, it looks like it'll cure the obesity crisis !     😑

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The big problem will start in October when the next energy price cap kicks in and the can cannot be kicked down the road because folks will actually need the heat on. Pensioners will not be using free buses to keep warm during the summer will they? The current high prices are in part driven by the price rises up to the end of last year and gas companies going bust and causing costs to change suppliers. That was caused by amateurs like Warrington Borough Council who thought the energy market was benign, due to then being too young to remember the last time OPEC put the prices up for fun. The increases are now baked in because the use of Russian oil and gas will not go back to normal for prices to reduce by the October cap. That reality is not old enough yet to work out what to do about it because the cost or source of alternatives is presently unclear I suggest. You can expect excess deaths caused by cold on the same scale as Covid if it is not sorted out in time. The morons will still bleat about global warming as old folk die of cold though.

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