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UK Defence ?

Observer II

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As ex-Admirals and Generals flag up a need to increase spending on Defence, as part of the emotional panic over the Ukraine invasion;  I think we're entitled to ask "what is the point and purpose of that defence" ?   1) In the case of a full blown nuclear exchange, there would be no winners and possibly the end of humanity.  2) The normal concept of defence is the safeguarding of our National borders from illegal invasion - both the UK military and the UKBF have totally failed with that one, as a cross channel invasion of the UK has and is occurring right now, with numbers equivalent to the size of an Army Corps landed on our beaches, and to rub salt in, it's costing us £50million per day to deal with their occupation.  Patel's new Bill,  talks about outsourcing migrant reception to some third country, which would cost even more and if they can't deport the current invaders, what makes them think they will be able to transfer them for off shoring ?   No,  time to employ "push back";  to forcably return migrant boats to French beaches and the forcably deport all illegal entrants to country of origin.   😠

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