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Here, ear !

Observer II

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I guess it may be part of my ongoing need to get hearing aids; but I'm struggling with the (brand new) TV.   During a film, I have to turn up the sound  to hear the dialogue, then when the backround music or ads come on the sound is deafening.  So is it me or is it the TV ?   Got one of those sound bar thingies, but still no better.   😡

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probably the program makers.

These days there is a tendency for any dialogue to be muttered in a whisper and any background music to be played at rock concert volumes.

Ads are louder and there is a setting on tv's these days that is supposed to regulate the volume so that you don't get deafened when the ads come on. Not figured out how to get it to work though despite reading all the manuals and watching hours of youtube videos on the subject.

it also seems to vary depending on what channel you are watching. on some channels i have the volume setting at 15 which is about right for my particular tv on other channels i have to crank it up as high as 22 or 24 to get the same level of volume.

by contrast the tv mrs sid uses the volume that is equivalent to my 15 is about 9 or 10 at most.

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It’s not your hearing Obs, we suffer exactly the same problem. We have to turn the volume up considerably if we use Netflix or Amazon and even then, it depends on what you’re watching. We also very often give up on certain films because it’s just too hard to hear and understand what’s being said, particularly when there’s a strong dialect and they speak too fast.



Bill 😊

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don't know obs, you would think that they could sort it out though.

My biggest problem is remembering to turn the volume back down when i have been watching a dvd.

it is a high definition player connected by hdmi cable but i still have to ratchet the volume up to the mid twenties to get a "proper" volume out of it.

If i do forget and just put the tv on standby the when i turn it on again it blasts sound at you in the decibel range of a jumbo jet taking off.

quite alarming, if it an advert as well the people at the hospital complain.....🤣

still not as bad as my mother when she put hers on i could hear it at the end of her street over the noise of the harley and with a crash helmet on........🏍️...💨

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I have also experienced all of the above with various TV`s we have dotted around the house.

I actually put the subtitles on during some films due to background sound being louder than the voices.

But definitely there are huge differences in volumes between the different sources i.e. DVD, Amazon Prime, Netflix and swapping channels.

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just found the device that was given to my mother to help with her hearing problem and to stop the neighbours complaining.

It is called ECHO radio link wireless tv system. It attaches to your tv by various cables and allows you to listen to it at a volume that is right for you whilst the tv speaker volume is at zero. It also doubles up as a hearing aid as well with a small microphone that attaches to the wireless box that you can have clipped to a belt or on a lanyard round your neck. the wireless box part is rechargeable so when you are not using it you can charge it up.

just a thought but with bluetooth technology why doesn't the new tvs have this option built in, headphones on and listen at your own volume. or is that already an option?

(if it comes out in the near future remember i have the intellectual rights to it)

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