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I've been wondering where I could post this observation -- and found this seldom accessed thread. I happened to catch Keith Richards in that pirate movie from 2007 -- and am I the only one who was puzzled about why they buried his face under a pound of makeup? I assumed he was hired for the face he has in real life. Also, did pirates play acoustic guitars? That's for the History thread, but it's too obscure a lore, isn't it? Guess I'll go look up acoustic guitars on the 'net.

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Jerry the reason Kieth Richards was in the movie at all was because Johnny Depp based his character personality on the Rolling Stone. H spent a lot of time with him and then when the sequel was to be released they asked him if he would like to play Depp's father.


The amount of make up - umm so he looked more like Depp?? :roll:8):shock:

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