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Confusing road signs


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I've noticed a couple of confusing road signs/markings on my drives around the town.

Going north along the A49 past Matalan approaching the traffic lights. If you wanted to turn right down Longford Street, you would obviously get into the right hand lane, but the arrows in the road indicate that you can turn left of right in that lane. If you turned left, you would be crossing two other lanes going straight on. Weird.

Secondly is opposite the police station. There is a road sign intended to direct traffic coming along the new road towards Bank Quay to turn left towards Widnes and Liverpool. Because of its position, it is actually in view of motorists coming along Wilson Patten St towards Bank Quay. For them, straight on is for Widnes/Liverpool. I wonder how many drivers unfamiliar with the town have turned left towards Gainsborough Road thinking they are heading west.

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i don't get out that much sparky. in fact yesterday was the first time the car has moved for over two weeks. forty mile round trip to broad green hospital with the brother.

not been past the police station since i went to the village for my booster.

In fact i was very surprised the other week when i went to the bowls agm at alford hall. The cemetery is just a hole in the ground. ( that is the pub not the actual cemetery which is lots of holes in the ground) not sure what it's last incarnation was it may have been chevy's.


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I don’t think many people pay that much attention to painted on lane markings or treat them simply as advisory only. I take your point about the one near Matalan, that’s clearly bonkers but people do generally know to keep left when turning left or vice versa.

What winds me up is when people knowingly choose the wrong lane simply as an overtaking opportunity then force their way back in a few yards later and I could name bucket loads of places where that sort of thing is quite common.


Bill 😊

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