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So who is looking forward to the season ahead?


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Very excited Gary.

Can't wait to see the lads play under Powell and hopefully get back to playing attractive and enjoyable rugby and maybe even win some trophies this year.

C4 exposure is also a step in the right direction for the game as a whole.

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I was pleasantly surprised with the Cas game . After the slow start ,where our forwards looked like schoolboys compared to the Cas lads , the Wire backs took charge & instead of the normal plays of the last 3 years our heroes started throwing the ball wide & took on Cas in the backs. The young lads seem to be fitting in very well & can only get better. 

Very entertaining & much better to watch than 5 drives & panic on the last tackle.

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On 3/16/2022 at 7:35 AM, Evil Sid said:

About as excited as I ever get about anything these days.

Saints game went as expected, no surprises there at the result.

Be an interesting game against wakfiled.

It will be even more interesting if they don't beat them in the Challenge Cup this weekend - apparently live on premier Sport - is that yet another subscription channel!!!?

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On 3/25/2022 at 2:06 PM, Evil Sid said:

yep it's another subscription channel.

not sure if i get that as part of my virgin sports package or not. probably not though.

Tried to get on via my "Full" sky package and they wanted to charge another £9.99 a month! This is after already having to subcribe to Prime Video and BT Sport to ensure I can see Premier League Football. Joke!

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one of the reasons i will be downgrading my virgin tv package come september.

I have the top level tv which includes all the sports and all the film channels. never watched a film on there and the only rugby i have watched was on channel 4.

so will be getting rid of just about everything apart from basic tv and current broadband. that should get my monthly bill down below £100 per month.

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10 hours ago, Evil Sid said:

for those who missed the match it is on freesports (channel 65 on freeview) at 4pm today Monday.

freesport channel is part of premier media that have the premier sports channel.

I had some paint to watch - I think one of the most alarming things about the entire match was not the result - which on current form wasn't a shock - but a crowd of less than 2,700! doesn't bode well for the future and that was with special discounted tickets and around 400 from Wakefield!

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