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April fools ?

Observer II

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With the threat of losing over 100,000 unvaccinated  NHS staff by April 1st,  which could mean a complete collapse of our health service,  are we going from bad to worse over COVID ?   With a significant proportion of Tory MPs in denial over this pandemic, plus the anti-vax Brigade;  Boris seems to be between a rock and a hard place; made even worse by his alleged cavalier antics over Xmas Parties at No10.  Whilst my instincts suggest that mandatory vaccination is the safe move in terms of the virus, the implications of an NHS collapse would seem to override such a move.  It would seem that individual rights and freedoms will continue to undermine our collective safety and extend this pandemic indefinately .   😷    

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Hopefully by April I think the numbers will be so much reduced that it won’t cause the NHS service to fail.

It certainly wont help if 10% are lost but they’ve managed with that many off with covid before now and at a time of peak infections so by April they’ll be in a much better state.


Bill 😊

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