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The great bath towel question.


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I’ve just had my annual shower and used a brand-new towel that may as well have been made from plastic.

The thought crossed my mind what other things if any seem to work better as they get older or is an ordinary bath towel unique?


Bill 😊

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Quite likely water resistant chemicals used in the manufacture of the towels. Once it wears off the towel does what it is intended to do, get you dry.

I have an old spud peeler that is a lot better than these new fangled things. The edge on it you could shave with it has worn that thin. will take a slice of potato off that thin you could read the paper through it. I do have one of those new ones as well, the one that looks like a catapult with twirly bit across the ends. neither use nor ornament as far as i am concerned.

Just a thought but do you have any of those towels that are just for guests, the ones you are not allowed use under any circumstances.?.....:wacko:

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Oddly enough I thought about the spud peeler as well. They seem to be somehow self sharpening and get better the more you use them.

The only other thing I can think of is my shaving mirror which seems to be getting better at showing up wrinkles. :)


Bill :)

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