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Roman Theatre - Stockton Heath


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Anyone know anything more about the Roman Theatre that was apparently found in Stockton Heath sometime last year?


I'm told it was found very near to Stockton Heath Primary School in one of the side streets and will be featuring on a TV programme this year.


Any ideas ?


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Actually I've just realised my own mistake.... (I have changed my original post accordingly)


It was a 'theatre' not an ampitheatre (I'm no blummin good at the finer details of history sorry :bow: )


It's supposed to have been found near Cresbrook Road (I think that's what is was called) when some building work was being done.


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:confused: Man in Black hasn't posted on here since 8th September 2007 ??? Apparently Granada has not renewed its option for any further programmes from Mark ....


Yes I know of the Theatre discovery of which you talk.... As I am to possibly make a warrington.tv film about this in the future unfortunately its real usage remains as much a mystery as its reputation.

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Exactly James, which is why 'jumping to conclusions' that it IS actually a Roman theatre is not right at this stage. Many other finds from years ago do point to some kind of 'theatrical' entertainment at wilderspool, although again this cannot be confirmed or guaranteed as the said found items may well have just been produced there for using elsewhere.

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8) Yes Tony, Conclusions require some kind of physical evidence. The famous Wilderspool Actors mask, for use at Wilderspool or as u say made for use elsewhere. One thing is for sure, history is full of unexpected surprises...


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Originally posted by indiana James:



As you know about the 'Theatre' why are you only possibly making a tv film of it and why only in the future as it was found some time ago?


Would have been nice for the locals to hear about it at the time even it it's not that big a find.


Where's your update film on the School finds that you were doing too? I was looking forward to that :P

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Originally posted by tonymailman:

Exactly James, which is why 'jumping to conclusions' that it IS actually a Roman theatre is not right at this stage.

I wasn't jumping to conclusions, I said 'apparently' found... and obviously something was found which may/may not have been a theatre but it IS 'something' Roman never the less.


PS James just refered to it as a 'Theatre' too :P

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Sites - or finds - of valuable interest are kept under 'watch' prior to and after any evaluations. These evaluations are usually done when new building or construction work is to take place. If it was made public knowledge that a site had been found that was highly prized or a lot of silver or other goods had been found then it would attract too many of the 'wrong' people who may 'invade' it throughout the night to do their own searching - as it were.

A site has to be fully evaluated to determine its scale of importance, whether it is to be classed as ancient monumnet or protected or whatever.

It isn't that it's keeping information from everyone in general, it's just that until things are fully evaluated a site needs to be kept within certain circles.

At the other end of the spectrum there are plenty of sites - having been evaluated - where you can go and help on occassions if you wish to.

If you wish to keep up to date with a lot of local stuff then send your details to the Cheshire Archaeology news.

It is issued every couple of months with all local updates and news of finds and which and what sites are under watch and excavation.


Telephone them on - 01244 973204 or e mail




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Thanks TMM I understand what you mean about some sites/finds having to be protected from people and their spades. Never thought of it that way until you said it.


But in the case of the possible 'Theatre' I was told it's in someones garden and was found when some building works were going on? So chances are the owners and neighbours all know about it and have had a mooch about anyway :D


Still don't understand why this one has never even had a mention let alone been made public knowledge.


When they did the School dig last year the archaeological site was not screened and passers could watch and see the unfolding story of what lay beneath the all weather pitch including the buildings, wells, furnaces, pottery, coins, cremation urns, saxon cross etc etc and no-one ransacked it during the night with their spades :wink:


Without doubt Stockton Heath was obviously a hive of Roman activity and there so much more just sitting under our feet undiscovered. How cool 8)

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Wilderspool was a big settlement and quite important as a civilian/industrial site.

The core of it being where there is a large supermarket nowadays, but don't forget you have to try and visualize the landscape there without the ship canal. Gauge for yourself and try and imagine the extent of the site, it covered quite a large area.

Wilderspool was centrally located to most roman settlements of the time - Northwich, Manchester, etc and of course advantageous being a port on the Mersey - the M6 of the time ! as it were.

Then of course you have the fortification of Deva (Chester) a few miles away.

The industrial 'factories' tended to be around where the supermarket is now, but if you fan out southwards then this would maybe possibly where the living quarters/public areas were, so yes, there is probably STILL a lot to unearth !

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Tim Strickland whom I work with closely on the Middlewich Roman Fort projects and films was the senior archeologist who was responsible for the Wilderspool excavations on behalf of Greenalls all those years ago, there is a book in the library that he wrote and well worth a read. :P

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