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Will BoJo sell us out ?

Observer II

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Seems Boris could be about to sell us, and certainly N/Ireland out; by not triggering Article 16 of the Irish protocol.  Both sides have said the continued arbitration by the ECJ is their red line, so who's backing down ?   Meanwhile a surge by Remoaners in Parliament, demanding a vote on the matter; brings back memories of how they tried to scupper the Brexit vote in the past - think it's time for the politicians to go, for all the good they do.    😠

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On 12/14/2021 at 5:29 PM, John Lappin said:

Boris? Sell us out? How could you say such things about our glorious leader - he is honest and trustworthy just like my online bitcoin dealer. 

John - we are doing our best to stay clear of facebook on this forum so please don't use it to promote local pages which take people away from this site. Feel free to engage in debate on this platform - the original peoples' forum.

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