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Afghan - US Deal ?

Observer II

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Being cynical again,  most folk will be totally surprised by the US pull out from Afghanistan, which appears as an ignominious defeat,  but could it be part of the deal, originated by the previous Trump regime, to end foreign  entanglements,  but with a business like twist ?   Could the US - Taliban have agreed to US rights and access to Afghan mining concessions, including lithium, in return for their abrupt withdrawal ?   Needless to say, China is no doubt circling to grab a stake in these valuable mineral resources, and ultimately monopolise the battery supply market for our EV future ?     :rolleyes:

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I think it shows what a clever cat & mouse game the Taliban have been playing for the last 20 years. Would a right thinking government ,a super power, really abandon so much ordnance & be frightened of unilaterally extending  the deadline to ensure an orderly withdrawal ? The Taliban takeover has been swift to say the least & maybe now lithium is up for sale to the highest bidder & the opium will be flowing again.

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