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The reason I won't be getting on a plane to fly on holiday any time soon!


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On 7/24/2021 at 10:57 PM, Observer II said:

Don't blame you Gaz; but wasn't it always like this, even before covid,  queueing like cattle for the security checks - I gave it up years ago.  😷

Yes; Thats why I started using Liverpool as it was ten times quicker than Manchester in all procedures


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This is not an a bragging issue, just a comment on this situation.  Whether it’s London or Manchester, UK airports are a nightmare.  I have claustrophobia, usually it’s to do with caves and such, but whenever I fly into or out of the UK airports I can feel the panic rising.

I can walk thru Houston, Philadelphia or Nashville airports at any time of day and never even rub shoulders with another traveler. Most lines are reasonable in length and space is not an issue.  I’m sure someone has had a bad experience, but I find that all US airports are bright, airy and generally crowd free.

However, airlines are the scum of the earth and rate very close to lawyers as a species to be avoided.


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