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Military Inovation?


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Success usually goes to those who remain one step ahead of the game, in terms of tactical doctrine and weapons technology, and is prepared to impliment the practical changes necessary. :? The "blitzkrieg" has always been hailed as a German invention: it was actually concieved by Basil Liddle-Hart (a British Officer), but his book was read by Gen Guderian, who put the theory into practise in a decisive way. :shock: The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, was based on the British carrier borne attack on the Italian fleet at Toranto. :shock: Perhaps the Brits should have patented their ideas?! :wink:

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Very good point Jerry ! However in the 1470's Edward IV did things the other way around ! he 'imposed' a tax on all goods coming into England by ship, the tax was 4 lengths of yew wood which had to be as tall as a man and at least 3 fingers width. Nothing could be unloaded from any ships until the lengths of yew were handed over, he then cleverly had bowmakers shape these into warbows for use in his struggle during the Wars of the Roses ! :wink:

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