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Navy deployment

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Yesterday the announcement was made .... 

A ROYAL Navy fleet of more than 20 warships is set to be based overseas in a challenge to China’s dominance.

A carrier strike group — including an aircraft carrier, frigates, destroyers and a nuclear sub — could be based in Japan under Navy plans for a “more permanent presence in the Far East”.

That was yesterday....

And today .. 

Only one of the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers is operational, ministers have admitted.

HMS Defender, recently at the centre of a diplomatic row with Russia following a voyage off the Crimean peninsula, is the only vessel of the class without an issue.

The other five Type 45s all need work, either planned or due to problems developed while at sea.


OK whats going on .. I think we should just concentrate on defending our own shores and forget all this sabre rattling.

Our navy can only do so much given what it has at sea.

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We've apparently got some old Admirals and Politicians who've been carried away with the notion that we have a post-Brexit opportunity to return to the days of rhe British Empire, where our global interests were protected by the largest Navy in the World.   This is why they purchased (at great expense) two aircraft carriers,  in order to project military power globally.   The UK hasn't got sufficient sea power to take on China in any event; and while our sailors are busy trying to protect Taiwan and Japan;  we currently have a mass invasion of this Country across the English Channel.   Time for Gov to re-order it's priorities methinks.    :rolleyes:

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