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Well having watched the news this afternoon all it seems to feature is this billionaire going on a trip to the edge of space .

Oh whoopy doo ! I would like to know how much the 1 hour flight cost ?


And this is classed as a a news item , sorry Its already been done mate ,,And it's not exactly a trip to the moon

He is on an unbelievably expensive trip for what? 

Well if he wants to find a way to spend it then there are lots of worthy causes just crying out for a few bob.

Instead of wasting it on a personal ego trip.

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1 minute ago, Davy51 said:

Apparently, there is a young lad on board who was given a golden ticket when a passenger who had paid $28 million dollars for a seat had to cry off to go to a business appointment. Might dust my lump sum off .

If a business appointment is worth £28 million  then it must be some deal..😲 could it not have been changed for another day?

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it is a proof of concept.

That the rich and famous can be sent into space paves the way for them to have an escape route for when the planet finally gives up the ghost.

Ok so a bit more expensive than the usual "nuclear bunker" at the moment but like all things the more available it becomes the cheaper it will get (at least that is the theory)

It is also great publicity for the company involved. "our company is so good even our ceo trusts our technology enough to blast into space"

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The US has tightened its definition of a commercial astronaut, meaning billionaire businessmen who launch themselves into space are unlikely to be recognised with the government's official "wings".

"In order to maintain the prestige of Commercial Space Astronaut Wings, the FAA may further refine the eligibility requirements at any time as it deems appropriate," the FAA said. 


Watch out   ........       There's A Pin About ! 🤪

See the source image

And quite right too 👍

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