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How do you boil an egg

Evil Sid

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So how do you boil an egg?

My method is to bring some slightly slated water to the boil.

carefully lower required number of eggs into it.

Start the timer allowing for size and type of egg you want, hard/soft/medium

when timer dings or whatever.remove pan from heat and run cold water into it so that you can lift the eggs out by hand.

simple but when i decided to look on the old google there seem to be many methods

So how do you boil YOUR eggs?

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Think that is a watched pot obs.

the reason as told to me by my gran who was a cook is that if you watch it when it gets to the boil then you turn the heat down so it doesn't boil over.

two of the suggestions were to put in cold water and bring to the boil before timing and put in boiling water and then remove from the heat and let the eggs cook in the heated water for 6 minutes or so.

none of the methods actually suggested salting the water but all suggested using eggs at room temperature to prevent cracking. if used straight from the fridge this is a very likely possibility

amazing what google can come up with for such a simple job as boiling an egg.

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It's best to get the water boiling before you put your (room temperature) egg in as it's hard to judge the exact time the water starts boiling to start timing. 3 to 6 minutes depending on how soft/hard you like your egg. I would suggest 30 minutes would be "over egging the pudding" 😂🥚

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