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Ice Road -

Observer II

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A new Leam Neeson Film on Netflix, supposedly with rave reviews -  can't say it was all that good. Spotted a few unlikely things that happened, like Neeson diving into a freezing lake to rescue his brother, then propping him up in his wet cloths in the cab of a truck - methinks they'd have succumbed to hypothermia .   😉

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Liam Neeson is a great actor but he does have a reputation for leaving a lot of people dead in his films which can be off putting for those who don’t like that sort of thing. I think one of his best films was his portrayal of Rob Roy but for intrigue and not being able guess the ending, Unknown must be up there with the best, although once you’ve seen the ending, watching it again isn’t quite as good.

I tend to watch films with my wife, so I have to balance my film viewing with quite a good dollop of films made more for women so it’s time to open a bottle of beer and do some day dreaming. Watched a nice heart-warming true story the other night called October Sky, written and produced by the same person who did Field of Dreams and again with an underlying father son relationship that’s worth a watch.


Bill 😊

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Ah well obs that would have made the film a lot shorter.

Reality versus fantasy, reality never quite matches up.

How often do you see two people arguing in films,one waits for the other to finish their tirade before starting theirs.

In real life they tend to shout at each other at the same time and you would be hard pushed to make sense of any of it.

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