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E10 Fuel.


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Seems that in the not-too-distant future there’s going to be a change to the standard 95 octane petrol to make it more environmentally friendly by adding more ethanol into the mix. The new fuel isn’t suitable for many cars manufactured pre 2011 and could cause expensive engine damage if used.

Fortunately, the extra ethanol isn’t being added to the higher-octane fuels so if you have an older car then you’re ok but you’ll have to pay more for this type. There’s a government web site where you can check your cars suitability for the new E10 fuel.


Bill 😊

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2 hours ago, Bill said:

There’s a government web site where you can check your cars suitability for the new E10 fuel.

Doesn't list the make of mine on there as it is not classed as a car but as a quadricycle oddly enough. list harley davidson though, sadly no longer got one.....😭...🤣

Adding more ethanol will not save that much carbon. Will still be 90% fossil fuel.

I do wonder how much of a saving in carbon biofuel is.

After all you have to use fuel to produce it,tractors don't run on fresh air.(although there are some farmers that wish they did.) Most run on diesel which probably kicks out more carbon by the time the field is sown and harvested.🤔

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As the exhaust from your tractor (as long as the engine is properly tuned) will consist of about 71% Nitrogen (78% of the atmosphere is Nitrogen), about 11 to 14% Carbon Dioxide (plant food so good for your crops, and about 11 to 13% water vapour (which plants need) it's probably doing more good than harm. There are traces of harmful Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide and particulates which make up the remaining percentage (about 0 to 2%) so breathing exhaust fumes is not recommended.

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