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Blue Wall failure -

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If the winning candidate is willing to go against her party in Parliament, and is a good MP for her constituents, that's what matters rather than party loyalty. Sir Edward might have something to say about that though...............................

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1 hour ago, asperity said:

This is despite the Lib Dims being big HS2 cheerleaders. Voters eh 🤣.

Nothing new in that.. Lib Dems are notorious for say owt to get the votes... then going silent after being elected.

If voters are mug enough to fall for it more fool them


Joe Swinson Q&A
During a recent policy meeting.
Do you support the construction of a high speed railway (HS2) connecting London to Birmingham?

  Answer PUBLIC STATEMENTS Yes, and extend it to Scotland


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On 6/18/2021 at 1:05 PM, Observer II said:

The Lib Dems are the worst of the lot for trying to be all things to all men; they wouldn't recognise a political principle or conviction if it hit 'em in the eye.  Believe Labour lost their deposit !    😉

Labour not only lost their deposit this week but now seem to have lost The Plot as well by also allowing Bercow into the fold  !! 🤣

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Well it's fairly polarised now, what I call "normal folk" vote Conservative (or Reform), while the woke brigade vote for the rest.  This time round they voted tactically for the LibDums;   giving rise to calls for proportional representation  - again.    We had an example of a hung Parliament prior to Brexit, which tried to scupper the will of ordinary people, with Bercow in the lead.  😠

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