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Queen's Birthday Parade -

Observer II

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23 minutes ago, Latchford Locks said:

I would have thought all the key World leaders would have been vaccinated months ago.

It makes sense they are to vital to risk.

I wouldn't worry about them, there's plenty more potential "world leaders" in the queues behind the present ones.

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I wouldn’t worry too much Latchy, as in reality, the numbers even at the peak of the outbreak made it such that you’d have to be very unlucky to get it. And now we’ve all been vaccinated, and as long as we don’t start going silly, we’re just about as safe as we can be. I’d say go out and have your pint when it’s quiet and give the nightclub a miss.

As for the crowds at Windsor, the government asked people to stay away but they didn’t so to me that looks more like the fault of the people rather than the government. I think if people followed the advice given, we wouldn’t have had half the grief we’ve had.


Bill 😊

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