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Speed cameras?


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Following on from the Manchester Road speeding issue we were discussing previously I’ve been thinking more about the problem and come to the conclusion that the current system seems to catch out more people like me who might just nudge over the limit but not the real maniacs who are the main risk to the public.

Yesterday, I had the scariest moment in my driving life as I was forced completely off the road to avoid a high-speed head on collision. It’s possible that it was a foreign driver who just got confused but I suspect that given the road was completely empty, someone had floored it then couldn’t keep it on the right side of the road on the long sweeping bend.

The problem as I see it is that a speed crazed nutter will have either local knowledge or technology to warn where the cameras are, so they know where it’s ok to go mad. There’s never a day when I don’t hear someone (usually bikers) absolutely scream down the dual carriageway, probably reaching close to 100mph and yet I get a fine for driving the same road at 46mph.

What’s needed is a series of unmarked cameras to detect only the nutters at speed rather than minor hair line infringements. Within a matter of weeks, most of the offenders would have been caught, but it won’t happen because it’d take a change in the law and that’s something we’re not very good at doing.


Bill 😊


Exact spot of my close encounter, A5758 near Sefton. Thank goodness for the wide grass verges!

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