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Mystery Postcard


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On my travels on ebay, i sometimes end up in the Postcard section, and a fascinating odity has appeared- and the price paid for this card suggest that this may be an perviously unknown scene.




(and no i didnt win it!!)


its a scene looking down hill, of a procession through the town centre from soemtime around 1910. Maybe this was Walking Day? I think the photographers position would have been in front of where the skittles are now, with his back to where the entrance to Golden Square is now, looking down Bridge Street at the entry passage to the Market. the building that was the Old Boots Chemists is directly in front, The ladies are standing in the corner where the flowerstall stands, the corner of the church on the extreme right- at this time the red telepone boxes will not have been put in.


However, a motor car engineers? would there have been room around the back?

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