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Eric Caddy

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Just trying a little detective work, don’t really expect much based on my information.    Stockton Heath around 1958.   Three beautiful young ladies who were a big part of a fantastic teenage period, who proved that we really could be friends without benefits.  I can’t remember names, other than the elder sister was Barbara and she had a pair of twin sisters about a year younger.  They lived in a terraced house on one of the streets behind London Rd.  
Would love to email them and reminisce.

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Stockton Heath Methodist Youth Club was a thriving community in that era with lots of girls in that age range.

My sister was a member at that time and I remember they did a South Pacific Musical Performance at the church hall , I was taken to watch it and there were at least 20 girls in the chorus plus others in lead roles pretty sure that may be a place to start looking.

There is a form I've attached for enquiries about the church maybe a place to start ?


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I will try it Latch, these three sisters were a big part of my teenage years and the Hop Pole was our home. Our group and theirs were like brothers and sisters - their choice!   As well as they rebuffed our amorous advances, the church might be a good place to look !

Just wondered how they were all doing.

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On 6/14/2021 at 11:52 PM, Stallard12 said:

Tried the website Latch, but it got confused by me not being local, phone number, post code and all that.  Thanks anyway.

Very odd website not accepting out of area. Seeing as a fair few of the congregation in my time lived in Winsford and Northwich plus two from Wigan ?

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