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I heard that one as well, but I think it’s just a load of old nonsense. Imagine what the rest of the world would think about France if they were to deliberately do that.

It just won’t happen and I’ll have another bet with you on that.


Bill 😊

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On 5/5/2021 at 8:55 PM, asperity said:

It's still a private company which would be held to company law, so it would be a very foolish move by the French government to use it's position as major shareholder to break its contract to supply power to Jersey.

Never the less we need to formulate a strategy in the event of it ever happening.

A set of underwater power cables from UK ?/A couple of small power stations / Solar power generation construction in outlying communities ?

Plenty of other well populated  island groups around the world manage quite well 

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I was reading a news report at the weekend about Barnier's quest to become the French president. Following his years of championing free movement & unfettered immigration into Europe, he now want to close the French border to immigrants for 5 years. Marin Le Pen must have him flustered.

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