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Aping our ancestors?


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My word, that was quick! I'll have to time your jumps into bed with a stopwatch, you might get into the Guinness Book of Records. (Perhaps some ape-like appendages helped.) So, which shall you pick for a prize? A banana for energy or a sledgehammer to help the snoring? Now I think I know the true significance of the :D facial expression. It isn't just a smile, but a sign of strain...


Meanwhile I will get on with my next lesson plan in my course...

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Just a brief poke to question how my banter with Obbs is a matter of entertaining evolution, obviously some don't understand the mockery of evolution underlying the facetious quips. Look around other threads on evolution and my views on the matter are clear.


PS Since Gnostics don't believe the true God created the Universe anyway, but His rebellious runt of a janitor instead, why worry? :D

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