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I can accept that Bill. We also can't call on slave labour which gives China a further edge ūüėČ

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One of the greatest problems with all these earth saving ideas is that the man in the street can't afford them. As for the idea about using buses & walking more ,that is a great idea. We just

If these deserts are causing hardship & migration why can't the excess water from climate change's rising sea levels be used to irrigate these wastelands & make them bountiful ? If the will is

Bill, already noted -  all the factors that make living in certain regions untenable are in play, and drove our earliest ancestors to colonise every corner of the planet; the problem is population lev

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Not been following this topic, but will throw this in.  In Texas, the payback on solar panels is generally accepted at 20 to 25 years.  Seeing as we get around 300 days of constant sun every year, I can’t imagine it being better in the UK.

If everyone had solar panels and the landscape was covered in wind farms, it could still only produce enough to be a supplementary source, the bulk would still be produced by fossil or nuclear fuels.  It’s obvious that the most sensible plan is to develop nuclear Power Plants while continuing to enjoy fossil fuel, then when it runs out just switch to all nuclear.

If the myth of climate change by emissions comes into the conversation, it is immediately made moot as long as we have India, Pakistan, China and the rest of the third world.  

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