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Battered fish in Scotland -

Observer II

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Looks like the Jocks are wising up,   with Queen Nicola looking deeper in the proverbial and the SNP split in two.  But there are serious questions about how UK funded finances have been handled, where local authority support funding hasn't been passed on by the Scottish Gov.   There's clearly a need imo to review the powers and duties of the devolved Governments and make clear their reliance on the Barnet Formula funded by the UK Gov.     😠

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7 hours ago, Observer II said:

Does anyone know how the Scottish electoral system works ?   On the face of it, one would think that the new "Alba Party" would split the pro-Indy vote.     :unsure:

There are 129 seats in total. There are 73 constituencies each of which return a single member elected using first past the post. Each voter has one vote in that election. The System is an Additional Member vote system so each elector has a second vote in a regional member election. In the Additional vote Scotland is divided into eight regions each of which return seven members (a total of 56 members). The Additional vote is by proportional representation using the D'Hondt system to allocate seats to parties and then to members in the order of candidates on their party list. This is the same system the UK used in European Parliamentary elections. Thus the make up is 73 directly elected members and 56 PR members making up the 129.

The expectation I have is that dissent with the SNP from pro-Nationalists can go to the Alba party instead of to the Labour or Liberal Parties. That is likely to mean that they cannot be used to increase the measure of pro-union sentiment. So I expect the Independence bandwagon to grow whilst giving the SNP a bit of a kicking. Overall not a good outcome for the Union. Other opinions may vary.

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BoJo could put this one to bed, by putting a "Referendum Bill" through the UK Parliament designed to limit the use of referenda to once in a 30 year period and to require a two thirds majority in favour of Independence.   Scots public opinion, despite SNP success in these elections, hasn't really altered beyond 50/50,  and the SNP will keep at it until they win one,  so a higher bar, may cause them to give up the struggle.    😠

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