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no idea bill never used it YET. no doubt there is somebody who has it on here to let you try out your skills. Have skype installed but never ever used that either.

however make sure you have a bookcase with plenty of books in it....🤓

the antique book shops are doing a roaring trade with people making zoom calls and wanting to look like intellectuals........🤭


edited bit:- Don't forget to let the better half know when it is. Don't want her wandering past in her scanties whilst you are in conference....:oops:

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No bookshelves in this house Sid, I never did learn how to read and I only bought the Beno comic because it had good pictures.

While I wait, I've just started a 1000 piece jigsaw I got for Christmas. It's a photo of the moon in black and white so no help from the colours. It's just taken me 40 minutes just to put the pieces the right way up. Anyone know if it's difficult to removed my someone's name from my will. :)


Bill 😊

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good luck with the jigsaw. last 1000 piece one i did was a right pain.

It was a WASGIJ one. the picture on the box is not the picture you end up with on the finished jigsaw. The finished jigsaw picture is the view as seen by one of the people depicted on the picture on the box. (if that makes sense) took me three hours just to sort the edges out and even then i found i had missed a few.

Amazing how additive a jigsaw puzzle can get, i had to limit myself to about three hours max a day as my back would be killing me by then.

as for removing people from a will, it is just a matter of contacting your solicitor, telling them what changes you want, waiting for them to redraft the will and send it to you for confirmation and signing and getting it registered. You will probably have finished the jigsaw by then....🤣

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Yes I use Zoom for the Warrington Visually Impaired People, Warrington Nature Conservation Forum, arranging my will for will quotes tomorrow, Warrington Bipolar Support Group and before Christmas the Peel Hall Inquiry on Microsoft Teams (also in March for part two), oh and Rule 6 Party for the fight against Peel Hall Development.

I just join in by clicking on the link sent out for the meeting and going into the organisers waiting room where they will accept me at the time of meeting start.

Its all been straight forward you just have to remember to click on the video button.

I do need to learn how to set up a meeting though.

Good luck and any issues just google zoom.

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This is my little upstairs den Sid, my escape room where I can get away from the wife and the telly, and where I can make a mess and not get too much earache.  The puzzle is circular and at 65cm diameter, it wouldn't fit on a table or any of the special mats/ rolls that are available, not that I'd pay money for something like that. But it's size means I'm constantly having to stand bent over to see the pieces and that's starting to make my back ache and giving me a stiff neck. Maybe my son knew this when he bought it and is just trying to bump me off, murder by jigsaw would be a hard one to prove

Anyway, I'm on a roll at the moment with 14 pieces found.


Bill :)

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bill backache was the main reason i limited my time doing it.

wandering round the house looking like a bad impression of Quasimodo was no fun.

I did have three circular jigsaws at one time. birds in the spring/winter and another bird one that i can't quite remember the name of. great fun to do until my brothers kids got hold of them.

result was three jigsaws and one box, which made it even more fun to do as i had the picture for one only and had to unmix all the pieces and try and guess which one they were from.

probably why i enjoyed the wasjig so much.

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I too have taken to jigsaws and exchange them once completed with Steve next door - we go to Sue Cartwrights Watercolour Classes - suspended at the mo but I do find that a jigsaw sharpens up the eye for colour and shapes.  

They were great when I was in my 14 day house isolation prior to hip operation.



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Just had a text of my youngest brother asking me if i had TEAMS on my laptop.

He has a job interview and needs TEAMS to have the interview.

What a palaver getting it up and running on my laptop.

firstly it asked me to sign in using my microsoft account and password. Some head scratching later i realized that my skype account was the one that was needed. all i had to do then was try and remember my skype login details.

so that sorted downloaded the software and then was asked to login, no problem, then asked what i wanted it for School/family and friends/business.

foolishly i chose family and friends and low and behold it recommended that i use skype. grrr gnash of teeth and a few well chosen expletives later i was back to the choice screen.

I tried schools only to be passed from one bewildering page to another for two minutes.

finally set up as a business and it works i think. just have to wait and see what the brother has set up as his business name then test the system.

all that just so he can be interviewed for a job in the comfort of his own home

Ain't technology great.....🤪

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Amazing to think that something that’s been visible to me for my entire life and I didn’t have a clue which way up was the top. As for doing the jigsaw, it didn’t matter as the picture on the box was no help at all and I had to rely entirely on the shapes of the pieces.

Interestingly, (or not) some years back there was some kind of celestial alignment with the moon and a couple of bright planets that made a perfect smiley face 😊 According to the pictures in the press at the time, the smiley was sideways when viewed from the UK but fortunately for me I was on holiday in Mombasa Kenya where it was the correct way up. Might even have a picture of this somewhere.


Bill 😊

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