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Will advice

Geoffrey Settle

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It's about time to at last do a Will - does anyone have any advice?

I've down one zoom meet to see what you get for £47 - you add on VAT straight away for £56.

But then the law company says are yes but - need a stronger on so 

1. Owner in common - if the remaining spouse re-maries then potentially the kids lose out

2. Power of attorney - dementia - then kids can take over

3. Property Trust - stops government taking all the equity for care fees.

£1,295 - 1 and 2

£2,245 - all 3 

So lots to learn about and understand.

What do you think?



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I have just done an updated will and have had a Lasting Power of Attorney done at the same time, total cost £562.00 including VAT. The LPA took over 12 months to get done, probably because of Covid (isn't everything?) as it has to go before a court to be ratified. If it's a brand new will you're having done then it may cost more than mine which was just an update I needed.

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