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Thick as a -

Observer II

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things like that are odd to say the least.

worst i have seen was some woman eating a huge bowl of cornflakes whilst driving at sixty plus on the motorway.

amazing what you see when you are a passenger escort for somebody.people applying make up, shaving, even seen one with half their clothes hanging off trying to get dressed whilst driving. mobile phone use was so common that it was a surprise to not see somebody using one.

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Oh I can beat that. I was in a tailback one time on the M1 which at first I thought was a rolling roadblock because I could see the road up ahead was clear. As I eventually got nearer the front I could see there was no police car but there was a lot of horn blowing was going on. Turned out to be a young man in an open top sports car with music blasting at full volume, can of beer in his hands waving at the people who were blowing their horns as he slowly cruised in the fast lane. The best part though was he had his seat fully reclined, wearing flipflops and driving with his feet.

Maybe thick isn't quite the right word to describe someone like this but to be fair, hands up who's not done something that could be classed as a bit risky while driving? I used to have an electric shave on my motorway commute to work each day but I think the the most risky thing I've ever done was trying to get the wrapper off a Melton Mowbray pork pie with one hand on the A1 near Newcastle. :)


Bill :)

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