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BT Internet scam


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I had a phone call this morning from an Indian gentleman claiming to be a BT technician. He said that my router was sending messages to the BT server indicating that I am only getting 76% of the speed I'm paying for. I decided to play along and see where it was going to lead, I'm bored!! He asked me how many lights were showing on my router (one), what colour was it (white), was it flashing (no). He said he was going to try something and to tell him if anything changed on my router. After 30 seconds he asked if there was a flashing light on the router now (no). Aha that's the problem, says he, I can fix that for you, no charge because the government is paying for repairs because of the pandemic (thank you Rishi, you're a hero). Do you have a computer (no), a laptop (no), a mobile phone (yes). From then on I act super thick as befits my advanced years and he tries to get me to download an app (what's an app?) using Playstore (what's that? Never heard of it). He decides to pass me on to a Senior Technician who tries to talk me through the steps to Playstore. Eventually I let him lead me to Playstore where he wants me to download an app called Anydesk (I didn't do that, just looked on my laptop where I found that Anydesk is an app that would allow him to remotely connect to my phone or laptop - no thanks). The Senior Technician was obviously fed up with me by now and passed me back to the first one, who I told that I was not going to play the game any longer as I knew it was a scam. I asked him where in India he was, he said he was in London how very dare I, (the number he was phoning from was New Zealand though I doubt he was there), and that he was a genuine BT Technician just trying to help me. I said that BT isn't my service provider at which he claimed that BT provides blanket coverage for all the service providers. Anyway My wrist was getting tired holding the phone so I told him to try getting an honest job and let him hang up on me. So I've wasted 25 minutes of his time and stopped him perhaps conning someone gullible.

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Virgin managed to lose my home number last year that I’ve had for most of my life. So now if the phone ever rings, I know it’s a scam because nobody knows the number, not even me.

If anyone still has a landline and wants a new cordless Gigaset phone with an extension their welcome to it.


Bill 😊

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25 minutes before he got fed up, must be a record. longest i have managed to keep them trying is six and a half.

still waiting on them to cut my phone and internet off due to suspicious activity, that they have been threatening to do for the last four years on a monthly basis.

And i can't wait for that £1000.00 purchase from amazon to arrive. apparently it has been dispatched, at least so the phone call i had the other day informed me.

PS still not heard from DAVE at microsoft technical department and it has been over twelve months now since he last called wonder if he is ok.

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