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Fishing for answers ?

Observer II

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I got the impression from the news that there was a shortage of fish in our newly acquired  territorial waters; so I checked with my fishmonger.   Seems the EU will receive fish imports directly from the trawlers but not via the UK.  So it would seem logical that we start eating more of our own fish as a Nation. However, most fish sold by S/markets tends to be from Iceland and isn't necessarily fresh; but no doubt cheaper.   Nutritionists recomend at least two fish meals per week for a healthy diet.  Perhaps we need to speed up the ban on EU fishing OUR waters, and watch demand change EU attitude ?    :unsure:

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23 hours ago, asperity said:


Some fish species like cod prefer colder waters so that's where they live.

I remember in the 60's the Warrington swimming baths had small footbaths with bleach in to clean your feet before entering the  main pool.

It had warm water in it and loads of us lads would sit in it to thaw out from the freezing cold temp of the main pool 

But the lifeguard use to throw us out :-)


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Can't beat a quick dip in the ea at Blackpool. thirty seconds and you didn't feel the cold, your body was too numb to feel anything.

Especially when you were wearing those trunks made out of your dads old wool jumper. when you came out you dragged half the sea bed behind you like a trawling net.

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