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Operation Downfall -

Observer II

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The planned invasion of the Japanese hone islands.   Just watched a prog on youtube:   the US planners expected military losses of up to 1 million, hence the eventual use of the atomic bomb, that killed an initial figure of 80,000 Japanese.   Prior to this the US fire raids on Jap cities had killed a far greater number. But what I didn't know, is that prior to the A-bomb option being available, the US had planned to use poison gas, which was estimated to kill over 500,000, on Kyushu alone.   So perhaps the bomb proved to be the most humane option in the end ?     💀

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Whatever needed to be done had to be done.

Rest assured if Japan had the technology they would not have batted an eye at using it and celebrating.

Just sad that the human race have spent so long and so much trying to obliterate each other.

Imagine if those resources had been use to the good what a wonderful planet we would now be living on.



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