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I will have to be careful feeding the ducks now

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We are in the middle of a national emergency and what do Hounslow council find time to do ?

A woman has been fined £120 for feeding squirrels because it is classed as 'littering'.

Maria Lachut, 55, was stopped by an enforcement officer in Lampton Park in Hounslow, west London, and accused of littering after feeding nuts to squirrels.

She was given a fine of £120, reduced to £80 if paid within 10 days, while enjoying the park's wildlife.

Only in this country 😕

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Easy money as there a so "few" people about they can target areas to send their guys to to top up the coffers by spotting little known rules that carry a fine for breaking.

Pity they can't do the same for those people who dump old beds, fridges,sofas and the like rather than take them to the local tip or arranging the council to collect.

Next thing you know they will be fining campers for loitering within tent....:rolleyes:

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4 hours ago, Bill said:

That's just nuts!

The thing is that everyone knows it’s illegal do drop litter but not many know about silly local rules, especially when as they say, it’s ok in some parks but not others.


Bill :) 

The worst bits about this story for me are (i) the local by-laws applicable to parks in Hounslow say no such thing (ii) The councillor claimed it was offence against the Environmental Protect Act 1990 and it isn't (iii) Litter is defined in law as including Cigarette, cigars, filters and chewing gum. Beyond that it presumably includes the Oxford dictionary definition which is as you would expect but doesn't include bird food. So it was a swindle which I regard as a bit worse than nuts. Based on their performance on Remembrance Day Warrington could be heading this way next, banks are very expensive you know.....

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