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Conspiracy Theorists


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I have a theory that all conspiracy theorist must at some point have been abducted and probed by aliens in an attempt to destabilize humanity on a global scale. Prove me wrong if you think you can because I have irrefutable evidence from websites around the world that I’m right.

Seriously though, it can’t just be me who’s seeing an ever-increasing number of people on TV or social media whose views seem completely at odds to the rest of society. I’ve got nothing against having or expressing a point view but surely, when it’s clear that the overwhelming majority don’t agree with you, then it’s perhaps time to shut up and not embarrass yourself any further.

Whether man really did land on the moon or not doesn’t bother me but what does is when these people actively encourage others to go out and deliberately break the rules that most others are obeying. Understandably, the vast majority on seeing stuff like this say nothing because they don’t want to get involved arguing with an idiot with a large axe to grind.

I don’t know what the worlds coming to; so much bad feelings at a time when we really don’t need it.


Bill 😊

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the thing with conspiracy theorists is that you can never win with them.

If you say they are wrong they will just say you are part of the cover up no matter how convincing your evidence.

if you agree with them in any way shape or form they will quote you as proof that they are right and cite you in numerous documentation as an expert on the subject.

Those that appear on the TV are carefully chosen for their sensationalism factor. It doe not matter if they are wrong right or so far past the insanity horizon that they couldn't see it with the Hubble telescope. They make for "entertaining" viewing and boost viewing figures.

It always amazes me that these people will say that the government are keeping it secret yet they found out about it somehow.

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