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The Religion of Peace ?

Observer II

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Seems Islamists can't take a joke and are now decapitating folk in France, over cartoons of the Prophet.   Well, as no one knows what the Prophet looked like, anymore than we know exactly what Jesus looked like (no selfies in their day),   how can they construe a depiction of him.   Seems a 7th century mind set, can't catch up with the 21st century.    :rolleyes:

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As long as the French insist that they have the right to insult the beliefs and traditions of other religions, things like this are going to happen. 

If you invite the bulls into your field then just don't wave red rags at them you silly Frenches.


Bill :) 

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The French pride themselves at being a secular society, which means that any religion is a private matter and has no place in the public space, something I profoundly agree with.  Such religious ideas are imo a throwback to ignorant and superstitious times and should have no place or influence in a modern scientific based society.  The French should review their open door attitude to immigration, which, as with us, is bringing these head cases into their midst.   😠

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