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Thinking ahead of the curve -

Observer II

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Just watched the film, about the trial of Col Billy Mitchel for insubordination, due to his criticisms of the top military brass.   In 1926, he predicted the use of carrier bourne  aircraft causing the demise of the battle ship, and even predicted the attack on Pearl Harbour by the Japanese, Alas, like most great thinkers, he was ahead of his time.   Likewise, around the same time, Two Brits, Fuller and Liddle-Hart we're predicting the use of concentrated tank units as the spearhead of an assault. Again, not taken up fully by the Army Staff, it was left to German Generals like Guderian, to refine their ideas into Blitzkrieg.  In the political sphere,  while Chamberlain brought back a useless peace treaty,  the writing was on the wall, or rather in a book, setting out Hitler's intensions, Mein Kampf,   so a quick read would have given our politicians a glimpse into the future and a chance to curb the outcomes.      :unsure:

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