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bermuda triangle

Evil Sid

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The bermuda triangle is well known for things getting lost never to be seen again.

Sat navs are notorious for sending you in the wrong direction as well.

But a thought has been nagging at the back of my mind.

What if you used a sat nav in the bermuda triangle?

Would they cancel each other out so you did not get lost or would they amplify the effect and make you get lost quicker?.........🤔

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The difference between True and Magnetic compass reading is called Magnetic Variation which is noted on all navigational charts and which is taken account of by navigators when plotting their courses. The magnetic poles drift all the time which means the variation alters all the time, on top of which the earth is covered with areas of Magnetic Anomalies where the variation is distorted by geological factors. These anomalies are also taken into account and special charts are printed and updated all the time.

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t may sound daft that but if you think about it lack of power or a power source will not stop it from working.

Still got my map compass from when i was a boy sprout. That still works after fifty years. No gps then or sat nav, come to think of it no sats apart from sputnik......:rolleyes:

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That is exactly why all sea-going ships have to carry a magnetic compass Sid.

There were quite a few satellites orbiting the earth 50 years ago, Sputnik was launched 63 years ago in 1957! 👩‍🚀

Interestingly the USA's first satellite, Vanguard 1, was also launched in 1957 and is still in orbit 63 years later! 🛰️

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