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Referendums ?

Observer II

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The Scottish Independence referendum took place in 2014;  it was said at the time to be a "once in a generation" opportunity for the Scots.   So, if we take a "generation" to equate to around 30 years, that should be the end of the matter.  But no,  politicians are still talking about it, fed by media polls.  One can expect this from the SNP ,  but not from HMG;   Michael Gove is now saying all Scots in the rest of the UK should have a vote; why say it, when the policy should be your not getting a vote for the next 30 years.  ?    😠

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Is that all Scots who were born in Scotland regardless of where they live now, or all people with one or more Scots parents, or all people living in Scotland regardless of where they were born or their parentage, or all people who identify as Scots regardless of where they live or whether they've ever been to Scotland? The list is endless. Didn't Idi Amin self identify as King of Scotland and wear a kilt?

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