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how to legally break the law

Evil Sid

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Seems the government is looking into making it possible to legally break the law , Well technically.

I was looking at the news report that they are looking to introduce "hands free" driving  on british motorways in 2021/2022.

Now as i understand the law at present if you do not have at least one hand on the wheel whilst driving then you are breaking the law by not being in control of your vehicle.(i may be wrong about that as i have not yet found anything to define what is deemed as not in control as regards hands specifically)

The "new" technology will allow a driver to lift their hands from the wheel as the car will be able to stay in lane by following the lane markers. Theoretically this means you could use your mobile device for texting, playing games or even watching repeats of corrie.  At seventy miles an hour on a motorway even with your hands on the wheel there are accidents, i do wonder how many more there will be should this be brought in. It relies on the car being able to recognise the white lines (i think) which is fine providing they are not obscured by dirt, tyre marks, road repairs etc.

The big assumption though is that people will not allow themselves to be distracted form the road ahead whilst driving hands free And on that note i will leave it as the pigs need feeding before their morning flight.

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I thought it was intended to be used for convoys of lorries since the vehicles will also be communicating one with another so that sudden breaking doesn't cause shunts and there is automatic speed control in jams to avoid the effects of tiredness. You still need a driver anyway because the trucks will leave the convoy. I only ever thought it was a safety aid not a driver replacement.

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From what i was reading it will be an insurance nightmare. If you are driving hands off the wheel using this technology and have an accident then according to some technically the car is under the control of the manufacturers software an so they are the driver and at fault. Which then brings into question whether the car is actually insured if they are not named as a driver.

There was something on the news about it and no doubt on  news websites.

10 hours ago, Confused52 said:

I only ever thought it was a safety aid not a driver replacement.

Ah well that is where the "human " factor comes in. "The car has this hands free driving system so i can drive hands free" will be the thinking from a lot of people. That they have to keep an eye on the road will not factor into it that is the cars job now.

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