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Are you better off financially

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Have YOU become an accidental saver? Exclusive poll shows despite the job losses, pay cuts, and financial turmoil many of us are BETTER off in lockdown

I know I for one was amazed how much money I wasn't spending....

Firstly there was no Rugby any more or the associated costs (Beer food transport etc)

And then no wandering around Golden Square during the week buying things I didn't(in hindsight) have much(if any) of a requirement for

Plus the supermarket walkabout getting stuff spontaneously that I didn't really need.As I have been using store deliveries which of course require the equivalent of the age old shopping list.

Large expenses such as holidays, commuting costs and entertainment have vanished following unprecedented social-distancing restrictions - giving households the chance to set aside money during an economically uncertain time.

Exclusive research for Consumer Intelligence today suggests . Almost half are spending less since social-distancing restrictions were introduced, with 38 per cent saving more.

Nearly four in five families say they have more money to spend since lockdown, with a quarter having between £200 and £500 more in disposable income each month.

The findings come as figures from the Bank of England yesterday showed the nation saved £16.2 billion in April. In the six months to February households saved an average of £5 billion every month.

What is more, households cleared an astonishing £5 billion of credit-card debt, which was more than double the previous record of £2.4 billion paid off in March. In a standard month the nation would usually clear £300 million of credit-card debt.

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