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No luck at all


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Last Saturday of all things, I started with a head cold, cough, sneezing, blocked then draining sinuses, which equaled sore throat.  My first thought was obvious !  I was still feeling groggy on Monday, so we called the assigned number to book a covid19 test.  Drove into town on Wednesday to CVS pharmacy drive through window, swabbed both nostrils and was told to go home, isolate and wait for results.   They just called and said 'negative' !  So I just wasted a week of my life for nothing !  At least, if it had been positive it would seem more worthwhile.  

Actually, I pretty much knew what it would be, cos the day after the test I was back on my  Peleton working out and feeling fine.  So you see a cold is not a cold any more, it's a panic button !

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I think we are all like cats on a hot tin roof recently,the slightest ache or pain and we have Dr Google out...... 

I think my Mums wartime attitude from all those years ago still rings true.

"You die when you worry you die when you don't"

"So don't worry and die happy"

1941 Gallows humour maybe but it certainly got that generation through some pretty rotten times.

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Be nice if doing that was easy Latch,but it isn't, human nature takes over.  I found out real quick how merely symptoms impact your life.  My mother in law is a hundred years old today and we have a family gathering at her house and her friends have arranged a huge 'drive by' with police escort etc. If they hadn't called with my results, I would have been the only one missing.  Although I felt great, I couldn't join my friends every morning for the golf game etc, etc.  So, when you get cold symptoms the black clouds roll in and you beat your wife and kick the dog for a week until you know.   Big psychological difference between staying home and being forced to stay home.

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I must say ,all this  talk of warmer weather killing off the virus seems to have been debunked when mega temperatures in the US don't seem to be killing it off.

All this elbow bumping seems to be more of a hazard than shaking hands & involves closer facial contact & more discharge of breath to carry out.

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if there was an end of the world button in a deep cave surrounded by crocodiles,mine fields and spike traps, with big sign saying "END OF THE WORLD BUTTON. do not press under any circumstances, we really mean it". then somebody would find a way in and press the button just to see if it was working.

it is the "it wont happen to me,it only happens to other people" mentality. (or the brits abroad syndrome).

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