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Historical digression ?

Observer II

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On the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, we're now getting programmes and discoveries with a woke twist.  The first is the news that in 1938, a 15 yo girl petitioned for the Spitfire to be fitted with 8 machine guns, with a concentration of fire at 400 yards;  what they don't mention, is that many of the pilots had this concentration reduced to less that 200 yards. They also don't mention that the Me109 were fitted with cannon, that fired a bullet over five times bigger than the .303 bullet of the Spitfire; thus far more effective in combat. We then get 3 nights of Dan Snow highlighting the contribution of groundstaff and WAAFs; to hero status, just to keep everything woke inclusive; surprised they didn't throw in some BAME examples. The fact is, that the war was a team event in which everyone played a part, for every front line soldier there were eighteen feeding and supplying him; but at the end of the day, it was those at the front line who did the actual fighting and dying; which in the case of the Battle of Britain, it was the 2,000 pilots of Fighter Command - "the few".   

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On 7/11/2020 at 6:35 AM, algy said:

We used to hide under the stairs or if there was time out in the brick air raid shelter in our backs, everyone holding saucers with lit candles on them.


Sod going outside. Cold and damp 🥶. Under the kitchen table with a nice mattress from upstairs.warm and cosy with kettle always on the ring ready for a cuppa.

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Just got back from my mother in laws 100 th birthday.  100 car parade past her house, police cars with sirens an fire trucks and she stood in her driveway in 104 degree, 95 % temp fir twenty minutes waving.  What a wonderful day, then on the way home an asshole backed right into the back quarter of my buffed and polished baby, my Cadillac !   $8000 of damage !   I guess I was lucky, it was a local school district vehicle, so cos it's tax payer money, they probably won't argue!

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