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Old white men


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The enemy to the loony left is always 'old white men'.     Have they ever considered what the world would look like without the excellence of those men?    Trains, planes, automobiles, steel mills, cities, hospitals, medical miracles etc. etc.  They built the modern world, thankfully, without the help of the modern loony left.

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Bit off topic, but something that I thought might interest you Asp.  At nineteen, with my apprenticeship still not complete and a couple of years to go on my degree, I got the wanderlust.   I made an application to Union and Castle for a third engineers position - they did the South African banana run.   They thanked me for applying, but advised me to continue with my training and to reapply when my training and college was complete.  I got over the lust for the sea by the time that happened or we may have been shipmates !

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A pity you missed out. That would have been at the heyday of the British Merchant Navy when we ruled the waves, the ships were good, the food was brilliant, the ports we visited were exotic and we spent days in them rather than hours. Have a look on FB for the British Merchant Navy for tales from the good old days.

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