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Seems it's no longer safe to do so, if we take Reading as an example.  But what is appalling about this murder of three people, is that it was committed by a known illegal migrant from Libya, who's been imprisoned for previous offences and was an MI5 suspect.   Proof, if needed, that our immigration system is a non-existent shambles.  Now, while on immigration, we can forget Labour, the LibDums and SNP; who would throw open the doors of the UK to the world;  we should expect the Tories to do better.   With a majority in Parliament it would not be unreasonable to expect comprehensive  legislation, to allow refusal of entry to illegal migrants and their immediate return to France or deportation to Country of origin. ; followed by a round up of any and all illegal migrants in the UK.  Asylum claims are clearly a farce, as most have passed through European Countries where asylum could have been sought; so fast track refusals and deportations should be introduced.  So it's up to Priti Patel to get a grip, and ignoring the howls of "hostile environment" from the Lammy's and Abbot's,  our Gov should be securing our borders and our public safety against these invaders.  😠

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