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Saving space....


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Mrs Davy has discovered some new space saving attachments for the wardrobe....hanging hangers that can take up to 12 normal full coat hangers per hanging hanger. She has six of these contraptions !

I don't know what is more frightening ,the influx of new clothes to fill the space created or the prospect of the newly replenished wardrobe coming through the living room ceiling. I might need to move my chair.

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You may have to reinforce the hanger bar in the wardrobe. I suggest a short length of scaffold pole welded to 3 x 2 steel box section fixed securely through the floor with 12 mm bolts.

if you are worried about it coming through the roof then a couple of acro props either side of your chair may help alleviate that. paint them to match the decor and hang a couple of lights on to make a feature and provide illumination for reading. You could even put a couple of hanging baskets on them for artificial flowers and trail some artificial ivy around them to add that touch of the jungle to your home. (been watching too many episodes of sixty minute makeover type programs)

Or you could just move your chair as you said in the first place...:rolleyes:

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I have a four drawer filing cabinet.

top drawer jeans and cargo trousers.

second drawer t-shirts and light jumpers.

third drawer long sleeved shirts and heavy jumpers.

bottom drawer underwear, assorted socks and handkerchiefs/neckerchiefs.

sat on top of that is a box with shoes, slippers boots and trainers two pair of each.

total space occupied 26" depth.20 " width 60 " height.

all other cupboards in my "space" are taken up with bedding, towels and oddments of Mrs sid that she "may wear sometime so don't throw it out just in case"

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i tend to wear whatever is on the top.

Although i have be thinking of wearing something to cover the bits people might find offensive. A full boiler suit,gloves.wellies and a full face helmet with tinted visor might be a bit much to wear everyday though....🤭

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