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Anyone present at Rylands Rec incident circa 1965


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In 1965 all the old Warrington factories had gala days where their recreation grounds would stage large galas in summer. Obviously the bar would be open for the adults, and there would be slides, rides and games for the kids.

I was at Rylands rec for one of these around 1965 and was having a go on a ride around the field on a line of open carriages with seats being pulled by a  tractor.. It was part way through its circuit when I noticed adults running towards the tractor shouting and pointing to where I was sat. I looked down and saw a child aged about 10 under the wheels being rolled over and over. The tractor stopped and the adults took over and got us out of the way while the first aiders took over. 

I don't know what happened to him and have often wondered about it. Anyone else that was there that remembers it?

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